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The Truth About The Tooth Fairy

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The Truth About The Tooth Fairy

` Hey, Guys!!!! I’m the Tooth Fairy and I’m here to tell the story of how I really came to be. Once I was a little girl named Tabitha. I brushed, flossed, and whitened my beautiful teeth every day since I learned to brush them. Every day I would go to school and get complimented on my beautiful teeth. I couldn’t let anything happen to them. They were too precious to me. This went on every single day until one day when I was in line to get my cucumber salad (Because everyone knows cucumbers are good for your teeth)  another girl with horrible teeth(They were the worst!!!) crashed into me with their kale salad. (This gets stuck in your teeth!! NOOOOOO WAYY!!!!!) The kale salad flew into my mouth and right between my teeth. I screamed ran to the nurse, but the nurse said that there was nothing to be worried about. (WHAT WAS SHE TALKING ABOUT !!!!! I HAD STAINED MY PERFECT TEETH!!!) And then, I saw the girl who bumped into me. I went over to her but suddenly, she turned into a fairy with perfect teeth! She said that I was very vain and I needed to be taught a lesson. With a wave of her wand, I was turned into the tooth fairy… Tabitha The Tooth Fairy. Now, I have to go around for eternity (Or until I have given out trillions of teeth or I don’t care about mine anymore) giving out money to children who lose teeth!!! (WORST JOB EVER!!!!!) Next time you find money under your pillow when you lose a tooth… Think of me!!! TABITHA!!!! (I hate this job)

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Cecilia Kvochak, Contributor

Cecilia is an 8th grader in Ms. Bello's homeroom.  She plays soccer and volleyball. She also enjoys running cross country an track.  She loves reading...

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The Truth About The Tooth Fairy