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Capstone Presentations

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After 8th graders have spent a long year of working hard on their Capstone projects, the end has come. 8th graders spent Wednesday the 23rd and Thursday the 24th presenting their Capstone projects. Most spent the past year researching, meeting with their advisor, and creating their multimedia project. The following will list everyone’s topic and multimedia presentation.


Alexis Perez – The Effect of Disney Princesses- Documentary

Ximena Santoro- Celebrity Worship and the effect on its youth- Song

Lauryn Santiago- Fashion throughout the Decades- Magazine

Chloe Gilb- Sign Language in the Education System- Children’s Storybook

Matteo Afonso- Latino Representation in Media- Documentary

Daniela Salazar- Is College essential for success in the USA- Short Film

Maddie Emmons – Animal Testing – Short Story

Maria Wojcik – veteran appreciation – art project

Maria Wojick’s Art Piece

Grace Brewer – More government funding for cancer research – Children’s book

Hannah Sherman – Dance should be integrated into American education because of its emotional, physical, and mental benefits- documentary

Ryan Garvey- how barbies affect girls in everyday life- documentary

Maria Catherine Hampton – Woman Empowerment in Music – Song

Leonardo LeBrun – Art’s influence on people’s actions or thoughts – Comic/Graphic Novella

Mark-The Miranda rights should not be overturned-podcast

Cordell Johnson- Music is used to influence protests and make small voices louder allowing them to be heard.- Podcast

Vincent David Ciampa – How Communism has affected America – Short Story

Azer Hunter Angeles Bitanga – How war ethics has positively impacted the U.S.’s recent military actions- podcast

Leah – How climate change is affecting the United States – Gameboard

David Morales – immigration into the US – Story Book

Mary Sayer- Why funding for the Space Program should be a priority for the U.S.- Documentary

Joe Knoll- Bad lifestyle choices and their effects on cancer-Story

jake –  The evolution of women’s rights – Ebook

Henry-Fake News(essentially)-podcast

Sophia Louviere- How hip-hop and rap affects people- interview 

Georgio Maroun- Antibiotic resistance crisis development – podcast

Dominic Paine – Privacy in the 21st century – Video

Claire- the UK vs. the US student experience – short story

Jacob – Protecting Urban Wildlife – Visual Model

Jacob Koch’s Project

Jacob Koch’s Project

Jacob Koch’s Project


Camilo Torres- how the civil rights movement and the Vietnam war changed how Americans use their freedom of speech- documentary

Trinity – Women’s Rights and how they’ve changed society – 3D figure

Trinity Smith’s 3D Printing

Claudio Moschella- Obesity in America- Gameboard

Antonia d’Auria – Animal Cruelty – Song

Ryan Costa- Appointing Judges to the Supreme Court- Filmed Debate

Tim Parisi – Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicles – 3D Printer

Ben- How modern America has changed the Navy Seals- Documentary

Isabella Martinez-How modern art affects society- storybook

Celeste Teran- Andy Warhol changed the way people see art in America- recreated paintings

Lilianna Frias- Gender Stereotypes- Video

Maddie Napriela- Title 9- Short Story

Pierce Clarkson- Politics in Sports- Art Piece    

Pierce Clarkson’s Art Piece


ashlee- fashion affects a person’s sense of identity and how they are viewed in society

Luna Ruiz- how fashion affects girls in a negative way- storybook

Lauren Pithey- how acts of terrorism have affected the Americans view middle eastern immigrants- storybook

Ashlynn- how fashion models affect women in our society today- children’s book

Eva Casciani- How Barbie girls affect young girls- children’s story

Julian Corral- Government Funding for Bridge Safety- 3D printing

Michael Astalis- Affirmative Actions -piece of artwork

Audrey VonWolffradt- The Great Depression- Game Board

Jennie Marouna- How LGBT figures in the media affect the youth- picture book

Hanna Lee- Portrayal of women in photography – photo essay

Hanna Lee’s Project

Hanna Lee’s Project

Hanna Lee’s Project

Hanna Lee’s Project

Hanna Lee’s Project


Dominic Paine- Privacy in the 21st century- video

Ashlee- fashion affects a person’s sense of identity and how they are viewed in society- picture book

Colin Smith- how does social media affect public opinion- video and interview

Ethan Balcos- Effect of the internet on youth- video

Joseph Harrison- Rock music impact on modern music and pop culture- drawing

Sasha Kalpakoff- how teen girls body confidence is affected by social media influence- children’s book


Some 8th-grade thoughts on the project itself:


“Overall I used all the skills that I had learned in Junior High to complete this project, which is pretty cool! My favorite part was making the short film!”- Daniela Salazar


“If I were to give any advice, it would be to get started, and get done early.” – Antonia D’ Auria


“It was a bad project for me. I had to restart two days before it was due.” – David Morales


“I personally enjoyed capstone. I know most people would completely disagree, but I really enjoyed researching something that I am passionate about, and being able to demonstrate this research in another form other than an essay.”- Grace Brewer   


“Capstone was a very stressful project for most people, however, once we present our topics, it is like a weight lifted off our shoulders and it feels so great to finish it and I love seeing our classmates support each other when we are nervous. “ – Maria Wojick


Everyone should be very proud of themselves for completing this rigorous project. Congratulations, and good luck to all who will have to complete this project in the future. Be organized, determined, and avoid procrastinating.


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