Jessie Morales and Noelle Chua

My name is Noelle Chua and I recently got a Peacebuilder Award. I got this award for helping Ms. France organize beads for a lab for another class. Being a Peacebuilder is simple if you help anyone that looks like they need help. Also, you can hold a door open or cheer up a friend that looks upset. Not every teacher sees your kind actions to give you the award but keep trying and maybe one day a teacher will recognize you. If you choose to go for a Peacebuilder award you may get a free T-shirt from Mrs. Ramirez to recognize you for your kind and thoughtful actions.

My name is Jessie Morales and I recently also got a Peacebuilders Principal Preferral. I got this for helping organize the beads in Ms. France’s room for a lab. Noelle and I are just one of many peacebuilders in the school and people get acknowledged for a variety of things. An example of something a Peacebuilder does in their everyday life is help a friend.


Peacebuilders exist all around St. Philips and we are glad to be apart of them.