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5th Graders Thoughts of Junior High

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Next year is a big transition year for the 5th graders, who will be going into 6th grade. They will have completely new teachers and they will have six teachers instead of only two. Four 5th graders in 5B, Ms. Simone’s Class, told me there thoughts about going into junior high.
Daniel, Jake, and Grace all told me that they were very excited for 6th grade, while Neci said she was nervous. They told me they expected a lot more homework, much more tests, more teachers, and Daniel explains that he thinks math will be really fun.
There are two options for homeroom teachers in 6th grade: either 6A, Mrs. Hedgepeth or 6B, Mrs. Korman and Mrs. Morales. Both Daniel and Neci said they wanted Mrs. Korman as their homeroom teacher, while Grace and Jake said they wanted Ms. Hedgepeth.
Lastly, I asked if they were sad to leave 5th grade. They all were very confident in telling me they were sad to leave, expect for Daniel, who was very confident in saying no, he’s ready for junior high!

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5th Graders Thoughts of Junior High