Trip to Hawaii

This summer, my family and I went to Hawaii with a few of our friends. We had a great time with all of our activities including: swimming, parasailing, snorkeling, and going on a helicopter ride. We also had a great time eating a lot of the local foods on the islands of Hawaii and Maui.

In the beginning of our trip, we flew from California to Maui, Hawaii. Right after our flight, we headed over to our favorite restaurant on the island of Maui: Da Kitchen. After we finished eating, we went over to our hotel, the Hyatt Regency, and met our friends who also had a house on the island. For the next few days, we spent our time by the pool at the Hyatt Regency or by the beach by our friends’ house.

On one of the days on our trip, our group of friends decided to try parasailing which is when people are towed behind a boat with a parachute on so when the boat starts, the parachute, with the people, flies into the air. My family and I had a fantastic time doing this and the view from the air was beautiful because we were able to see the other islands. Our friends went next and also had a great time. We also went snorkeling the day after and saw many different types of fish and coral on the seafloor.

A few days later, we left the island of Maui and went to the big island of Hawaii. When we were there, we stayed with a few of our other friends who had a house on that island.While there we spent a lot of time at the beach swimming, reading, playing in the water, and tanning. On that island we went to many different restaurants for dinner which all had different types of fish. On the fourth of July, a local hotel was having a buffet and fireworks show that we attended. The buffet was fantastic and had many different types of fish and other food (including desserts)! The fireworks show also beautiful and seemed to go on forever.

A few days later, my family and our friends went on a helicopter ride over the part of the island where no one lived. At that point in 

time the volcano on Hawaii was erupting so we were able to fly over parts of the island that were covered in lava and we saw the area where the lava met the water and created smoke. On the trip we saw many different things on the island that not very many people get to see when vacationing in Hawaii. Our helicopter trip was amazing, we got to see many different things including some farms on the island and a valley called the Valley of the Kings which was where one of the kings ofHawaii vacationed. On our way back to where the helicopter took off, we got to see the coastline formed by all the cliffs. On the sides of the cliffs were where the rivers on the island ended resulting in us being able to see many different waterfalls.

Over all, I had a great time in Maui and Hawaii and definitely want to go back soon. The island was beautiful and I am so glad that we got to do the activities that we could. I highly recommend vacationing in Hawaii especially if you would like to get some great pictures to remember the trip by.