Apple Air Pods

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        One of Apple’s latest products, the Apple Airpods, are very popular. There are a lot of things people like and don’t like about the popular new piece of technology. A set (including the charging case) is $159.00. One of the reasons why people are disliking the Apple Airpods is that they only connect with Apple Products. One of the cool features of the Airpods are that audio starts to play once you put them in your ears and stops when you take the earbuds out. A lot of people like that the Airpods are compact and convenient for traveling. The earbuds are good for traveling because the case is also used as a charger.                                                                                                                                                                             We interviewed a few Airpod owners and asked them what they thought of the Airpods. The first person we interviewed was a fellow 7th grader, Maria Boutros. She said that, “The Airpods have a great audio quality and they are great for sharing.”  She also said that, “They are necessary if you want to charge your phone and listen to music at the same time.” She lastly stated that, “They are easy to lose because of their size.” Overall, what we have learned is that the Airpods have mixed reviews but we think it might be worth the purchase.

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