Thoughts on Technology at School


Technology is a large part of our lives. We use it to entertain ourselves, communicate with others, and learn about the world around us. We also use technology everyday at school. Many experts on children often argue about the pros and cons of technology. Some say technology helps. Others say technology distracts students, young and old alike. Rarely do we get an inside look on the matter, along with unbiased opinions. Therefore, I set off to gather opinions on the subject. I interviewed four students from St. Philip’s, and was also granted the opportunity to interview one of my friends from Connecticut.



  1. What is your estimate of the amount of time you spend using technology, at home AND school, for EDUCATIONAL purposes?
  2. Do you think that the school invests enough time and resources into creating a safe and engaging technological environment?
  3. Do you feel like technology helps you learn?
  4. Do you have any suggestions that would help to better the educational experience that you have with technology?


For my interviews, I interviewed Sebastian Gonzalez, Luke Roa, Maria Boutros, Dominic Serrano, and my friend Lucas from Connecticut. The average time that most of my friends estimated the spent on technology was around seven or eight hours. My peers also mostly agreed that our schools use enough resources to better the technological experience. Yet Maria disagreed, stating that our school should spend more time trying to keep the Chromebooks in prime condition. Everyone agreed that technology helps them to learn at school and at home. Three of the people I interviewed were satisfied with the educational experience at school, yet Sebastian said that the school should try to find more educational websites to keep the students engaged and Maria stated that the school should better work to keep the Chromebooks intact.


Judging by the interviews I have conducted with some of my peers, it seems that schools are doing a great job of keeping up to date with the wants and needs of students, despite a few minor problems. What do you think about technology in schools? Do you have anything that would change about the technological experience that you have in your classroom?