The Candyland Catastrophe


The Candyland Catastrophe, Part 1

              Little Johnny was bored. He wanted to play a game. He asked his older sister Karen if she wanted to play Candyland. She said no because she was too busy on her phone texting her friends. Little Johnny sighed. Then he went to his little brother Jimmy. Jimmy didn’t want to play because he was too busy driving his toy truck through the sandbox. Little Jimmy sighed. He didn’t even bother to ask his older brother Jeremy because he was too busy playing Fortnite, as usual. Little Johnny thought that he would have to play Candyland all by himself.

             Little Johnny got out the board and decided to be the green gingerbread man. He organized the cards and picked up the first one he saw. It was red. Whoosh!!!! Little Johnny was whisked into a strange world. Johnny looked around. Everything was made out of candy! And he was green from head to toe! Little Johnny sighed. He thought, “What have I got myself into now?” Suddenly a gingerbread tree popped out of nowhere. “Hi, there!” she said, “Would you like some gingerbread?” “Sure!” Little Johnny said although he wondered how a tree learned to talk. He stopped there for a while and then asked the gingerbread tree for directions. She told him, “Follow the Rainbow Road!” That sounded familiar, so Little Johnny followed her advice.

            Little Johnny then entered the Peppermint Forest where he met the friendly Mr. Mint. Mr. Mint offered to help chop down some of the peppermint trees so Little Johnny could walk a little easier. Little Johnny thanked Mr. Mint, left, and soon entered the Gumdrop Mountains. With every step, Little Johnny bounced up and down on the gumdrop path. “Woah! This is fun!” he exclaimed. It was like walking on colorful mini-trampolines! But Johnny was so busy bouncing, he hadn’t looked at where he was going. Suddenly, Little Johnny realized that he had lost his way. Gumdrops were everywhere and he couldn’t see the path anymore.

          “Ho!” said a voice. Out popped a happy, chubby figure. Little Johnny recognized him as Jolly, the funny creature made out of gumdrops. “Hi, Jolly!” Little Johnny said. Jolly greeted him and asked if he had lost his way. Little Johnny admitted that he had, and Jolly cheerfully led him out of the Gumdrop Mountains. Little Johnny thanked Jolly and once again started down the path.

         Little Johnny soon found himself venturing into the dark Licorice Forest. Little Johnny didn’t feel at ease anymore. He really didn’t want to go further, but he knew it was the only way to King Kandy’s Castle. He peered into the darkness and saw an evil-looking man bearing down on him. “Are you stuck, dear child?” the man called out menacingly. Little Johnny tried to run, but couldn’t. He looked down at his chubby green gingerbread feet, but as hard as he tried, he couldn’t move them. Meanwhile, the man quickly approached. …..