Samsung Galaxy Note9


Samsung Galaxy S9

The newest Android phone has just come out and it is the Samsung Galaxy Note9. The Samsung Galaxy Note9 was released by Samsung on the 24th of August. The Note 9 comes in both a 512-gigabyte version that goes for $1250 and a cheaper 128-gigabyte version that goes for $1000. The Samsung Galaxy Note9 also comes in the colors blue, black, violet, copper, and silver. ┬áThe Note9 comes with a Bixby phone assistant which is like Apple’s Siri phone assistant this year’s Bixby phone assistant is the same program as last year but is different than the Samsung Galaxy Note7 which has a Google phone assistant. The main new feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 is a water-based heat sink that is supposed to improve cooling inside the phone. Samsung has implemented this to prevent what happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note7 which was the Note7 would overheat and eventually cause a fire. The cooling system works like this, there is a container filled with water that absorbs the heat eventually turning the heat into steam that then exits through a pipe. Personally, I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 that I love because of the quick downloading of apps, and the easy to use voice assistant in the phone. Samsung always produces high-quality phones and the Samsung Galaxy Note9 should be no different.

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