How are the 6th grader adjusting


Recently the 5th graders transitioned into 6th grade! The transition from elementary school to junior high is stressful at first but as the year goes on it will get better. I interviewed a couple of the new 6th graders and the recent 7th graders to get both inputs. For 7th graders I asked them if there were any tips for the 6th graders. For the 6th graders I asked them about how are they adjusting to 6th grade, and here were some of the responses that I got.


7th grade:

“What are your tips for the new 6th graders”:


Response 1:

“Hug a wall, sometimes you can get lost in the big crowd so when worst comes to worst stay near a wall.”


Response 2:

“Get work done before its due. Sometimes if you procrastinate it gets very stressful and you are more likely to get a bad grade because you did it in one day.”


Response 3:

“Make sure to ask for help when you need help in science. Mrs France is more than happy to answer all your questions and give you more time on assignments if you are a responsible student.”


6th graders:

How is 6th grade different from 5th grade:

“ There are shorter recesses, the hallways are very crowded and you have to switch for a lot of  classes.”


What are some things that you like in junior high then elementary?

“In junior high there is more responsibility, and you are challenged to do our best everyday for curriculum and much more.”


What are goals for the school year?

“My goal is to achieve a 4.0 gpa.”


Looks like we have an exciting year ahead!  Good luck 6th graders!