Mindfulness in Science class

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Last week 8th grade learned about mindful eating and is practicing mindfulness before every class. Mindfulness is being aware in the moment that you are doing something, so mindful eating is being aware when you are eating something. 8th grade focuses on mindfulness by focusing on the mindfulness bell, 8th grade is asked by their teacher Ms. France to see how long they can hear the mindfulness bell until they can no longer hear the bell. The mindfulness bell is used to help the students focus on a sound before doing something after, for example, Ms. France will ring the bell before we inhale and exhale to help us focus. When 8th grade can no longer hear the bell they are asked to place their hands on their shoulders signaling that they can no longer hear the bell. Practicing mindfulness helps calm the class down and helps them focus on the present class ahead of them. Being personally in 8th grade being mindful helps me prepare for the class ahead as well as focus and be aware if we have a test or quiz that day. Being aware of the class ahead as well as being focused are some of the many benefits of mindfulness in the classroom.


For additional reading on mindfulness and mindful eating please visit: https://www.sciencenewsforstudents.org/article/mindfulness-eating-pays-body-big-dividends

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