Peace Builder Of The Week!


Peace Builder of the week


This weeks peace builder preferral goes to Isabella Conde! Peacebuilder preferrals are when a teacher spots you doing a random act of kindness and writes your name down. Once you have gotten a peace builder preferral you can go to Mrs. Ramirez to get a shirt. I interviewed Isabella Conde to ask her about the peace builder preferred that she had got.


The first question that I asked Isabella was, “Why did you get this peacebuilder preferral?”

Isabella said “ I got this peace builder preferral because I helped out a friend in need! I went from class to class carrying his books because he was not able to.” I then asked, “What is your motivation to help around school?” She responded, “For me, I felt like that it would be a good act of kindness to help out with a friend in need. Also, I think of Jesus and what he would want us to do.” I asked, “Could you give any tips for students trying to earn a peace builder?, “I think that if you want to get a peace builder preferral then you have to help others and respect those who respect you back. Also I think that if you live by the peace builder pledge then that will really help you get far in your your life and that you will have a better positive mindset,” said Isabella. The last question I asked was, How many peace builder preferrals have you gotten?” She responded, “I believe I have gotten 5 preferrals.”


Overall it seems like Isabella is a good friend and likes to help everyone. Isabella is someone that we can look up to and will always be there for us! She is a good Christian and really looks up to Jesus in times of doubt! Make sure to stay tuned in for next week to find out the peace builder of the week is!