Is the Apple Pencil Worth the Purchase?


The Apple Pencil is a way for people who take notes and draw on their iPad’s to be able to do that with precision and ease. The Apple Pencil retails for $99 and is sold at various locations other than the Apple store. There is also a catch to the Apple Pencil. You might think that $99 is a great deal and you can just use it on the iPad you already have but, you can’t. The Apple Pencil can only be used on the latest Apple iPad which is the iPad Pro. It might be great if you already have the iPad pro but for people who don’t have the latest iPad model, they will have to go out and buy the iPad pro.

My mom and I both have the iPad pro and my mom has the apple pencil. She uses it for taking notes and doing sketches for work. She loves the Apple Pencil and says that it is definitely worth the purchase. I have only used the Apple Pencil on numerous occasions because I really have no reason to use it. I think that it is really cool and great for people who need to sketch and take notes for their profession but if you don’t then the Apple Pencil might not be for you. For those who have the Apple Pencil, you might know that there are accessories for the Apple Pencil. Some of the accessories include the Apple Pencil case, the pencil grip, stylus sling, and many others. These are not necessary for you Apple pencil but they are awfully cool just like the pencil itself.