A Cat’s Diary


A Cat’s Diary

Dear Diary,

My name is Lil’ Fluff. I like music and rapping, but my owner can’t understand my raps. He instead gives me food every time I start rapping. Due to that, I’ve started to go on a diet because he likes to give me way too much food. So I now eat less than I usually would, and I exercise on the cat towers. This keeps me super fit and healthy! All the cats look at my luxurious white fur and probably think, “Man, I wish I was him!”, right? Anyway, I think that today was a pretty good day, because my fluffy fur was especially fluffy today, and I got some new toys that my owner bought. They’re cool catnip mice, as well as regular toys with string.

Thanks for listening to my day today!


Lil’ Fluff