An Inside Look at Marvel


Marvel is one of the biggest movie and comic companies in the world today. But how did it start? It all began in 1939, with Martin Goodman creating Timely Comics. He wanted to take advantage of the newfound popularity of comic books. So, Timely Comics released Marvel Comics no. 1 in October. The “Golden Age” of comics occurred during the 1940s. During that time, Timely Comics released many popular superheroes, including the beloved Captain America. However, superhero comic books soon fell out of fashion, and Timely Comics stopped publishing superhero comics. In 1951, Timely Comics changed their name to Atlas Magazines, and in the early 60s, to Marvel Comics. In 1961, everything changed. Marvel hired Stan Lee and Jack Kirby to create the Fantastic Four, which debuted in Fantastic Four no. 1. During the early 60s, many more characters were introduced, such as Spiderman, the Hulk, and the X-Men. Marvel became extremely popular. Yet, in 2008, everything changed again with the release of Iron Man in theaters, which kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or MCU. Disney, one of the biggest companies in the world, later acquired Marvel in 2009. In 2012, The Avengers came out, bringing almost every previous MCU movie into one. In short, Marvel has a very long and detailed history, and is more relevant than ever, even 79 years later. I also got the chance to interview Mrs. Kalia Ramirez, who works at Marvel.


Arthur: What is it like working at Marvel, a company which has brought in lots of money?

Mrs. Kalia: It’s been great! When I first started at the company as an intern, the film studio side was very small and they were working on the first Iron Man movie. I don’t think any of us had any idea how large the Marvel Cinematic Universe would become. It’s been a wild ride.

A: What do you do at Marvel?

K: I’m the Director of Family Entertainment. I help develop our newest animated series and shorts content with our in-house studio team and manage partnerships with other companies and studios such as Funko & Lego. Sometimes I get to advise on themed-entertainment properties such as Marvel Universe Live, or Iron Man: Hong Kong, which is really cool.  On the day-to-day, I do character & design research, facilitate legal usage clearances, help with budgets, casting, contracts… I review scripts, storyboards, animatics (which are pretty much storyboards cut to time in a video format), animation, and give feedback on sound design to help make sure our main story beats land and ensure that our characters are being portrayed correctly.  Most of the time, I do this by sitting in front of a computer; but occasionally I get to travel to different studios.

A: What is your favorite thing about working at Marvel?

K: I’ve been a fan of Marvel since I was a kid. Who doesn’t love Spider-Man?  There’s a lot of nostalgia, and the fandom just keeps on growing and growing. I think it’s awesome that we have really young and really old die-hard fans. It’s wonderful to be able to be a part of and contribute to something that inspires so many. (Internationally, even!) I love being able to tell stories that teach us to embrace our differences and challenge us to be better people. I particularly enjoy making people laugh.

A: What is the hardest thing about working at Marvel?

K: Not being able to tell anyone all the juicy things I know. Being in development means being quiet.  The things I’m working on now won’t be announced for a while… but they’re really really cool! The latest show that I can talk about that I’ve worked on is Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors. The feature-length film comes out on Disney Channel and Disney XD on Sunday, September 30, 2018, at 10 pm.

A: Have you met anyone famous while working at Marvel, and, if so, who was it?

K: I won’t name drop — but yes, I have met quite a few celebrities. Sometimes it can be hard to keep your cool, but it’s important to remember that they’re just people too.


Marvel is going very strong, and with a new wave of highly anticipated movies coming out in 2019, including Captain Marvel, Avengers 4, Spiderman: Far from Home, Shazam! and many more. What do you think of Marvel? Do you prefer Marvel or DC? Who’s your favorite superhero? (Mine are Spiderman and the Flash.)

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