The Pros and Cons of Technology in the Classroom


Ever since technology became common in public, technology has also become common in the classroom. Though technology may help in some ways, it can also be a setback for those using the technology. Technology has made students’ lives easier around the world because of all the information at our fingertips. We can fill out tests easier, type instead of write, and have more resources to refer to when researching. For teachers, technology helps teach students, organize lesson plans, and keep track of a students’ work. This same technology can be a burden on both students and teachers. When technology does not work correctly or a teacher simply cannot figure something out, it can set back the lesson to be learned in class. This can also be a setback for students when the internet is not working. For example, because a lot of homework is now online along with notes when the internet is down or a student does not have access to technology at home over the weekend, students are unable to study or finish their work. Although technology can be a setback in different ways and the internet does not always work, technology has overall made a huge difference in teaching techniques and the overall school experience. I’m sure many students and teachers agree when I say that technology in the classroom has helped learning a lot.