Fourth Graders Thoughts About Grades


It’s the start of the school year which means that fourth grade is starting letter grades. 4th grade is starting letter grades this year compared to last year when the grades were graded like satisfactory, outstanding and need improvement. Personally, grades at the start of fourth grade were a big deal but my 3rd-grade teachers did a fantastic job of preparing me emotionally for grades. I interviewed a few fourth graders about their thoughts on grades and how they are receiving grades for the first time. The first fourth grader I interviewed was Matthew Favela, Mathew said that he is excited about grades and that he was not nervous for his first test because of the good job that his teachers did preparing him. The second fourth grader I interviewed was April Gates, April said that she is both excited and nervous about receiving grades. She also said that she was not nervous for her first test because she knew the material. The last fourth grader that I interviewed was Mike Vanis, Mike said that he is ready for grades and that he was not nervous about his first grades. The fourth graders seem confident and are looking forward to the new school year.