Is Cauldron Ice Cream Worth the Purchase?


           I went to Cauldron Ice Cream this week. It is located on Lake Ave. Cauldron just opened and it is still just a soft opening so it will open at 6:00 pm until further notice. When I went the people working there were very helpful and told us the steps to pick your puffle. A puffle is a bubble waffle with ice cream and toppings in it. The first step is to choose an ice cream flavor. Some of the flavors that seem to be the most popular are the earl gray lavender, pineapple express, and Rose H20. When we went we ordered Mint Choco Chip and Pineapple Express. My favorite was definitely the Pineapple Express. The next step was to choose if you wanted a bubble waffle, a cup, or a cone. We chose the Bubble Waffle and it was really good because it had a great texture and flavor. The last step is to choose the toppings. We did not get any toppings but they all looked really good.

         They also had a lot of cool drinks. One of the drinks that stood out to me was the Frosé because it was really pretty. Another cool thing that they did there was that they offered to turn the ice cream into a rose on you bubble waffle. We got two puffle cones and it was a total of about $15 which is a little overpriced but it was really good and totally worth it in the end. Another awesome thing about the ice cream is that it is made with liquid nitrogen. All the fog that comes from the liquid nitrogen floats into the air and it is really cool to watch. The atmosphere there is also really cool. They have an awesome neon sign and the whole place is really cute. In conclusion, you should definitely try out Cauldron because it is really good and worth the purchase.