The New IPhone XS!

September 25, 2018

If you do not know, Apple just released the new IPhone XS. The IPhone XS will be ready to purchase on September 21st starting at the price of about 1000 dollars and prices may vary depending on how many gigabytes the phone has. The phone looks the exact same as the regular IPhone X with no home button, the back camera looks the exact same, and the IPhone XS has almost the exact same features as the IPhone XS. Some of the same features they share is the face ID which unlocks your phone with your face, the memojis, which turns your face into emojis, and dual rear cameras, which is the two little cameras on the back of the phone. Some people are saying that people with the IPhone X have almost no reason to upgrade to the IPhone XS. Even though the IPhone XS shares a lot in common with the IPhone X, the IPhone XS has some new features that we haven’t seen. The IPhone XS allows you to adjust the depth in photos and if you are like me and always run out of storage the IPhone XS has a 512GB storage option. Sadly, the IPhone XS does not have a headphone jack to connect your headphones, for me I know that would be a problem. So is it really worth it to get the IPhone XS?

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