This is Not My Hat Book Review


         This is Not My Hat is a great fiction story that is perfect for kids in the younger grades. It is about a little fish that steals a big fish’s hat. The little fish thinks he can get away with it and that the big fish will never know. The little fish was definitely wrong. This book is a picture book with not a lot of words so it is great for new readers. The illustrations are great and really convey the theme. This is Not My Hat is written by Jon Klassen who is a really well-known children’s book author. My favorite part about this book is definitely the illustrations.

        Another great thing about this book is that there are a lot of other books like it. Some of the other books like this one are I Want My Hat Back, and We Found a Hat. This book is also great because it teaches a lesson. The lesson is that if you are small you still can do something bad and if you are big it does not mean you always do something bad. This book also shows that stealing something is always bad and it will never work out. I love these books because they all teach real-life lessons.