8th Graders Take Algebra


As some may know, at the end of seventh grade, students take a placement test for eighth-grade math. Some students are sorted into Algebra with Ms. Korman, while others stay with Mrs. Morales in Pre-Algebra. The Algebra class is not very different from normal math classes, each class we come in, ask questions on our homework, review the next lesson, and start our homework. Algebra does, however, have a bit of a faster learning pace with more of a workload. On our first day of Algebra class, everyone was required to bring in a contract signed by both the student and the parent stating that both understand that the student has twice the workload as a student in Pre-Algebra. After every trimester, Ms. Korman re-evaluates grades in Algebra class to see who would do better in Pre-Algebra. To gain a better perspective on opinions on Algebra, I interviewed some of the other students in my Algebra class.

Algebra Class is a bit different than Pre-Algebra. According to Jason Alietti, “There is more homework and less time for review and you work at a quicker pace.” Jason Alietti also stated that he enjoys being in Algebra because he gets extra credit for high school, while Talia Ettinger said that, “It is going to be easier to (us students) if we take Algebra 1 in high school.” Caden Kuritani said that his favorite part about being in Algebra is getting to challenge himself. If anyone wants to be in Algebra in 8th grade, Will Dakan’s advice is to “do your work and don’t get behind in class.” Personally, I enjoy being in Algebra a lot because I get to work with a smaller group of my classmates which keeps the noise level down. Because there are fewer people, we are also able to have conversations while still being able to get our work done.