Peacebuilder of the Week!

This weeks peacebuilder of the week is Inez Javelera! Inez is a 6th grader, who is 11 years old! Being a peacebuilder means that you are kind and helpful to everyone. Here is our interview! I first asked her, “Who did you receive your peace builders preferral from?” She said, “I got my peacebuilder’s prereferral from Mrs.Slater!” Then I asked, “What did you do to get your peacebuilder’s preferral?” She then answered, “I helped Mrs. Slater clean up the art room.” Inez wants everyone to be a peacebuilder and help out in any way they can like she did! Next, I asked her some questions about her and what she likes at St.Philips. I asked her, “What is your favorite subject?” She answered, “ My favorite subjects are art and library!” Then I asked her, “What is your favorite sport to do at St.Philips?” She said, “I like to play basketball!” Lastly, I asked her a random question. I asked, “What is your favorite animal?” She said, “ Probably a dog!” Inez is a very kind and helpful peacebuilder, and she wants everyone to be kind and helpful to everyone. Thanks, Inez for helping out!