2 Must-Try Decoration Crafts

Hi Falcons! Welcome to Crafty Corner! Today, I am going to show you how to make 3 different awesome-autumn decor crafts. These are great ideas to spice your home up and a one- way ticket to fall fun!

There are three crafts I tried out and will show how to do. The first one is Rock Photo Holders, and the second one is going to be a lovely Branch Stick candle.





Rock Photo Holders (left and right of candle)

  1. Materials
    1. Flat decorative rocks
    2. Colored paint
    3. [optional] mod podge
    4. Gauge 14 copper decorative wire
    5. Round writing utensil
  2. Instructions
    1. Paint the rocks in even coats until colors are even and vivid
    2. Once dry, cover with mod podge and let dry again
    3. Wrap the wire around the writing utensil to make two loops that are able to hold a photo
    4. Wrap the other end of the wire around the rock until secure. 

Branch Stick Candle (middle of photo)

  1. Materials
    1. One candle of choice
    2. Several thin branches around 1 centimeter taller than the candle itself (enough to cover the candle’s diameter)
    3. One rubber band
    4. 2 feet of twine
  2. Instructions
    1. Place the rubber band around the bare candle.
    2. Line the sticks around the candle and hold them in place with the rubber band.
    3. To conceal the rubber band, use the twine to wrap several times around the rubber band and tie a bow in the center.
    4. Light the candle and enjoy!


So there you have it, 2 amazing crafts that will brighten up your fall!