First Look at the Fortnite Funko Pops

First Look at the Fortnite Funko Pops

Fortnite is currently taking over the world by storm! With millions of players logging in every day to get that Victory Royale, there is no shortage of fun that you can have with Fortnite. Now, it is also expanding to areas other than video games. With a Monopoly version of Fortnite that came out on October 1st, to Fortnite Nerf guns set to release in 2019, there is no shortage of ways to get your Fortnite fix in real-life. Now we have Fortnite Funko Pops. Funko recently gave us a look at all of the ones coming out this November. The set includes lots of your favorite characters, including Love Ranger, Brite Bomber, and Raptor. My favorites are the Black Knight and Skull Trooper. You can view the full list of Fortnite Funko Pops below:

Tower Recon Specialist

Highrise Assault Trooper

Black Knight


Skull Trooper

Love Ranger

Merry Marauder


Red-Nosed Raider

Codename E.L.F.

Cuddle Team Leader

Omega (in full armor)

Brite Bomber



For more information, please visit these official Funko websites:

Fortnite Funko Pops

Funko Official Website