Devastating Hurricane and Tsunami Hits Indonesia

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Hey Falcons! Unfortunately, there was a terrible earthquake and tsunami that hit Indonesia. The death toll was extremely high (about 5,000 people) and hundreds are still trapped under debris and being searched for. At least 70,000 people all over Indonesia were left without their homes and some even without their families. People are estimating that 1.6 million people in total have been affected by both the tsunami and the earthquake.

The earthquake was a 7.5 which is extremely large and disastrous. The earthquake hit September 28. The tsunami then followed and engulfed the city of Palu with waves up to 6 meters. Scientists believe the tsunami was caused because of an underwater landslide. I hope all the people affected stay safe and get the help they need. I am sending prayers to all the people who passed away from the disasters find their way to Heaven. I hope you can send a quick prayer for everyone in Indonesia too!


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