8th Graders thoughts on their last fall fest


Every year the school has a big festival at the start of the year and that festival is called the fall festival. Saint Philip’s has done this festival since before the current 8th graders have gone to this school, and this year is the last fall festival for the 8th graders of the school. As an 8th grader I have been going to the fall festival since kindergarten so I will be sad that this will be the last one I attend. I decided to interview a couple of 8th graders about their thoughts on their last fall festival as a student of Saint Philip the Apostle. The 8th graders were sad but excited for the adventures that high school will bring when asked about this being their last fall fest and the 8th graders were sad that they would not be able to spend time with their friends anymore at the fall fest. I will miss the fall fest but I am excited about everything that high school will bring!