Arthur Camara


This week’s peacebuilder of the week is Arthur Camara! He is very helpful and nice around the school. A peacebuilder principal preferral is a form that the teachers give out to kids if they spot them doing something kind. You get called up at assembly and they give you the peacebuilder form. You bring the form to Mrs. Ramirez and she gives you a peacebuilder shirt that you can wear.

I talked to Arthur and asked him why he got this peace builder principal preferral. He said, “I was just being kind and trying to make someone’s day easier.” Arthur got the preferral for helping a student who dropped their books. He helped carry their pencil bag and brought it to their next class. Arthur says that he does not try to get the peace builder preferrals and that he just wants to help people out. If you want a peace builder principal preferral then just do something kind and eventually, you might get one.