iOS 12


Recently, Apple came out with a new addition to their amazing series of breakthroughs. This was iOS 12. iOS 12 has many new features including additions to the camera and how customizable it is.

iOS 12 is making every app on the device run faster with fewer glitches, which is what everyone wants. In fact, it is said that half of all devices run on iOS 12 today.

Now that I’ve told you what iOS 12 is, it’s time to give you my thoughts, and my peer’s thoughts.

I think iOS 12 is really cool because you can add live backgrounds that move when you touch them. You can also choose the firmness of the home button and there have been loads of new color filters added to the camera.

Sophia Islas has an iPhone 7 and also likes iOS 12. She admires the new camera features and thinks the loading speed has really improved. She says there isn’t much of a design difference in iOS 12, but the additions make it 2 times better!

In conclusion, iOS 12 is a great update since there are a ton of new additions to the “aesthetics” of the iPhone.