Fall Fest Wrap-Up and Fall Fest King and Queen


Starting last year, there has been a Fall Fest King and Queen. The Fall Fest King and Queen were announced at the Morning Assembly on October 15 and were crowned on that day. This Year’s Fall Fest King is Hudson Sawran from 2A and the Fall Fest Queen is Anna Sawran from 5B. The Fall Fest King and Queen are able to play any game at the Fall Fest without having to pay tickets. To become the Fall Fest King or Queen, this ability is auctioned at the school auction every year. Also this year at the Fall Fest, there will be a secret snack at the American Food Booth and the Snack Booth along with the usual food at the Fall Fest.

I interviewed this year’s Fall Fest King and Queen about their opinions on the Fall Fest. When I asked them how it felt to be the Fall Fest King and Queen, they both said it felt really good and they were both very excited for the Fall Fest this year. Anna’s favorite things about the Fall Fest are the games and hanging out with friends while Hudson’s favorite thing about the Fall Fest is the Haunted House. Anna is also very excited that as the Fall Fest Queen, she does not have to wait in line to buy tickets because she uses so many. I hope you all had a great time at the Fall Fest and I am certainly excited for the Fall Fest this year!