6th Graders on their first Country of the Trimester

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Once a trimester the students of Junior high complete a review project where they learn more about a different country. That project is called country of the trimester, this trimester the junior high students completed a project on Peru. There are 2 parts of the project the first being a paper asking you for facts on the country and the second part of the project is a project where you can do things like cooking and making a google slides project.  I interviewed a few 6th graders on their thoughts on their first country of the trimester. The 6th graders said that they cooked and took notes on a documentary for the second part of the country of the trimester. The students also said that the hardest part of the trimester was completing both of the parts of the country of the trimester. The 6th graders also said that the best part of the project was being able to eat the food that the students all made. The country of the trimester is a fun way for the junior high students to learn about a country.