Google Pixel 3

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The newest Google  phone has just come out and it is called the Pixel 3. The Google Pixel 3 comes a a 5.3-inch screen that sells for $799 dollars and a 6.3-inch screen that sells for $899. The phone comes in three colors “Just Black,” “Clearly White,” and “Not Pink”. The “Not Pink” color is more of a lighter pink then a traditional pink. The newest feature in the phone is its camera that has been called “the best camera” by many technology review websites, including The Verge. The Google Pixel 3 uses the Google Voice Assistant to help you to use the phone’s tools. For example, the assistant will help you know when a sporting event begins. The Google Pixel 1, and 2 have been praised for their cameras, and the Google Pixel 3 seems to be the same. The Google Pixel 3 seems to be a big improvement from the Google Pixel 1, and 2

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