TK Students Learn How to Attend Mass

Hi Falcons! The TK students are full of excitement and attention, but somehow need to manage attending mass respectfully and prayerfully. Since this is a bit of a difficult task for them, the teachers are helping facilitate the children’s knowledge on God and attending mass. I interviewed 2 students from TKB and their teacher to see how the learning is going.

Landon from TKB is 4 years old. He had never really learned about mass, but is really excited to go to mass with his school family (my school family number 15). Landon loves to talk about God and says that he loves Him very much. He says that he is learning how to pray in class with his piers.

Giovanna is in TKA. Mass is new to her, but claims she did go when she was 1 year old. She likes learning about God because she gets to say prayers with her Mommy. She too is excited to finally go to mass and has learned to be nice to her friends.

Ms. Almquist is one of the TK teachers told me about how the TK-ers are learning to behave in mass. She says, “the TK-ers are learning to work together, the basics for a good kinder foundation. They are learning to write their name, how to properly hold a pencil, how to cut and glue,”. She also says they’re learning basic practices like the Sign of the Cross.

Although they’re learning at a very young age, according to the TK-ers,  maybe attending mass isn’t so difficult after all.