Start of NBA Season


The start of the NBA season has finally come. Two weeks ago the Oklahoma City Thunder played against the Golden State Warriors and the New Orleans Pelicans faced off against the Houston Rockets. During the Warriors and Thunder game, the Warriors received their 2017-2018 NBA Championship rings. This season the Warriors are looking to win their third championship in four years. This game was highly anticipated due to the rivalry between the two teams. However, the Thunder were short-handed and missing their all-star point guard Russell Westbrook and their lockdown defender Andre Roberson. From the tip-off, this game was very close and stayed that way to the last minutes of the game. The Warriors were able to win this game 108-100 and were led by Stephen Curry’s 32 points and Kevin Durant’s 27 points. The Thunder’s leading scorers were Paul George who had 27 points and Dennis Schröder who had 21 points. The other game on Tuesday was between the Houston Rockets and New Orleans Pelicans. This game was highly anticipated because of the addition of Carmelo Anthony to the Houston Rockets. However, the Pelicans dominated this powerhouse 131-112 and were led by MVP candidate Anthony Davis.  The Boston Celtics were unstoppable and beat the 76ers 105-87. Another game that came down to the final minutes was the Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trail Blazers. This was Lebron James’ first game as a Lakers and did not go as expected. Despite being a young team there are high expectations for the Lakers this season. The Lakers fought very hard but came up short to the Trail Blazers 128-119. The NBA season has already been exciting and there is much more to come,


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