Joey the Sad Cat


Once upon a time, there was a cat. See, he wasn’t just an ordinary cat. He was a black cat, and his name was Joey. Joey lived in Seattle, and during October, if it was Friday the 13th, everyone was bound to have a bad day. Since Joey was a black cat, and he was bad luck, his owners threw him out of the house. Poor Joey just wanted someone to love him, but no one would. He thought, “If my owner doesn’t love me, then maybe I can get a new owner!” Joey went from house to house, but no one wanted him! Joey was so sad, and he didn’t think anyone liked him. He went from house to house, asking people to stay with him. When he asked one elderly lady to take him in, he began to get hopeful. She seemed nice at first but then Joey began to get skeptical. After the lady asked him in for a bowl of milk, she then put him in a room and locked the door. That’s when Joey began to get concerned. She didn’t come back for an hour, and when she did, she had a laser in her hand. That’s when Joey knew he was in trouble. So he jumped out the window and moved on to the next house. In the next house, you see, it wasn’t just an ordinary person. It was Ms. Ramirez, the principal of a school. Ms. Ramirez was so nice, and she loved all people and creatures. Ms. Ramirez doesn’t believe in hurting innocent animals, so she took Joey in, and ignored the curse. Not only was she OK, but she lived with Joey for many many years to come, and they lived together happily ever after.