Capstone Update

At this point in time, the eighth graders are starting to begin their main project and settle on a specific topic. They are required to write an proposal about their topic and about why they chose that particular topic. This topic will then become their final topic that will be in their main Capstone Project. I interviewed some of my classmates about their Capstone process and how they are doing right now. Capstone topics can range from many different things. Cameron Kennedy’s topic is how video games have changed over the years and he is also adding what psychological factors go into the change of video games. Colin Gibbs, on the other hand, is deciding what he wants to say about how nuclear weapons have changed throughout time, while Samuel Guerrero’s topic is sports health, injuries, and how injuries can be prevented. Madison Chase is researching biracial children and how they are represented in society. All four agree that the Capstone process is difficult but all helps with narrowing down what topic they will use in the end. Madison puts this perfectly saying, “Capstone is different from any other project because it is very controlled, but we have more freedom of choice.” During this process, the eighth graders are split into groups and use those groups to improve their overall topics and their essays on the topic. Overall, the Capstone project is a great project for learning about a particular topic in depth and improving the overall researching and writing skills of the eighth graders.