Student Council Halloween Games Preview!

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                                                         Student Council Halloween Games Preview

             Every year since I have gone to Saint Philip I have watched the Student Council Halloween Games. This year I got to be a part of planning the games! I never realized how much work went into the games and how much planning had to be put in. For this year’s Student Council Halloween Games you are in for a spooky treat. Get ready to see your teachers get a little messy while they have their heads in a plate of whipped cream searching for gummies. As for the students, I will just let you know that you will have a blast. Cheer on your classmates and don’t forget to have fun! If the T-K decides to participate get ready for a cuteness overload. Student Council took the time and effort to put the funniest and messiest games. Beware, you may enter the gym as a student and leave as a creature from the unknown.

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