6th Grade Egyptian Project!

In 6th grade every year, our social studies teacher, Mr.W, has the 6th students do an Egyptian Project. I remember doing this last year and having so much fun with it, I did a painting of King Tut and learned so much about him. While doing the Egyptian Project, the kids learn to gain more knowledge about ancient Egypt. I interviewed two kids from 6th grade who are doing the Egyptian project. First I interviewed Lulu in 6A and she is doing a painting.  The requirements for doing a painting is that you first paint whatever topic you are doing, then you write a 3 paragraph essay about it. So I asked Lulu, “What are you doing for the Egyptian Project and are you excited?” Lulu said, “I am painting pyramids and I am very excited to paint the pyramids and learn more about the pyramids.” Then I asked her, “Can you tell me a fact about the Pyramids?” Lulu said, “The pyramids act as a tomb for the dead rulers.” After interviewing Lulu, I interviewed Matteo from 6A as well. I asked Matteo, “ What are you doing for the Egyptian Project?” He said, “I am building pyramids out of legos!” Then I asked him, “What are the requirements for what you are doing?” He answered, “It has to be able to show well that it is a pyramid and then I have to do a 3 paragraph essay about it and what the Pyramids are.” Lastly, I asked him, “Are you excited to do the project?” He said, “Yes, I am excited to build the pyramids out of legos!” Both kids are super excited and I hope they loved the Egyptian Project just as much as I did in 6th grade. Here are the pictures of their amazing projects: