All Saints Day


All Saint’s Day is celebrated around the world and is a fun celebration for all. Every year St. Philip students in the first grade celebrate All Saint’s Day by dressing up as a certain saint that they like. All Saint’s Day is traditionally celebrated by Catholics on the day after Halloween as a remembrance of our role models, the saints. The saints help us to remember that they too were humans that became extraordinary people through God. I interviewed first graders Caleb Delawari, Mariana Keeslar, and Jude Roa on their thoughts about All Saint’s Day. Caleb Delawari said that he is going to be Saint Francis for All Saint’s Day, is very excited about representing a saint and is looking forward to singing in front of the entire school. Mariana Keeslar said that she is going to be Saint Rose of Lima for All Saint’s Day and she said that she is nervous about singing in front of the entire school. Jude Roa said that he is going to be Saint Jude and is excited to represent Saint Jude for All Saint’s Day.  All Saint’s Day is a fun way for the first graders to be Saints for a Day!