Peacebuilder of the Week: Aaron Pereira!

This week’s Peacebuilder of the Week is… Aaron Pereira! Aaron Pereira is a 12-year-old, in 7B at St.Philips. Aaron plays basketball at St.Philips and soccer outside of school. His favorite animal is a goldfish and his favorite color is blue! I talked to Aaron about his being a peacebuilder and why he got the peacebuilder preferral, first I asked him, “Why did you get a peacebuilder award?”. He said, “Because I am a friend to all and kind to my friends.” Then I asked him, “Who gave you the peacebuilder award?”. He replied, “Our art teacher, Mrs.Slater.” Aaron is a very kind and a good friend to all, and everyone should be a good, kind, and helpful peacebuilder to everyone, like Aaron. Thank you, Aaron, for being a peacebuilder!