Beats Solo 3 Headphones Review

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Beats Headphones are very popular, and they are great quality. For this issue of technology corner, I will be reviewing the Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones. These are priced at $299.95 and can come in the colors matte black, satin silver, gloss white, gold, read, satin gold, gloss black, rose gold, silver, and defiant black-red. The battery life can go up to 40 hours. The headphone’s design includes cushions for ears and a fold-able design which is great for traveling. The Beats Solo 3 have an amazing audio quality that are great for listening to music or watching videos. I always use these headphones, and they are amazing! After a while, the Beats tend to get uncomfortable, but I do wear these for fairly long periods of time. Overall, the Beats Solo 3 are very good quality and I love these headphones. 


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