Midterm Elections


Hi Falcons! As many of you may know, a few weeks ago, on November 6, the 2018 midterm elections were happening. These elections were a very big deal because young adults finally started to contribute to the voting ballots this year. Many young adults feel discouraged when things are against their ideas, even though they have the right to vote on it. However, this year, countless brands and icons have promoted voting and made it for the younger audiences. This empowered young voters and increased the number of total votes in the polls.

The during the election (before the results were in), I interviewed the Junior High teacher for Social Studies, Mr. Weyermuller, who is also known as Mr. W for short.

He says, “The general mood of the electorate is different than it’s been for nearly half a century, not only are people upset with the party in power there’s an entire generation of people aging out of the voting population while a younger group is deciding to become engaged in politics.” He believes that more millennials will show up than before.

Mr. W also talks about how the competition between parties is much more intense; the rivalry has grown, along with the ‘intense tribalism’, something that wasn’t really usual during his early life. He says that the balance between Democrat and Republican government power is most likely going to even out more, with the Democrats in charge of the House of Representatives and the Republicans remaining in power over the Senate.

This ended up being true and both sides are more satisfied with the turnout of the elections. Voting for younger generations doesn’t seem so unusual since the norm shifted. In fact, around 30 million more people chose to vote this election than the last midterm election.

So there you have it! All the info you need on the 2018 midterm elections and an optimistic turnout for the future.