Thanksgiving Candle Holders

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Thanksgiving Candle Holders

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Thanksgiving Candle Holders


Today I’ll show you how to make a simple, possibly last minute candle holder. This is perfect as a centerpiece on a table or just a fall decoration.


Materials Needed:

1 Fake pumpkin

Fake leaves (amount depends on the size of pumpkin)

1 Candle (type depends on what it can fit; We used tealights)

1 Hot glue gun w/ hot glue

1 Knife (adult needed)



  1. Grab the pumpkin and carve a hole through the top for the candle to fit into with a knife (Have an adult do this part!). Make sure the candle fits!
  2. Glue on leaves close to the rim of the hole on the pumpkin or near the top. Make sure you can still light up the candle without burning anything.
  3. Place the candle inside if not done so already.


If you have multiple pumpkins and lots of leaves, you can make a lot with the help of an adult. I hope you enjoy making this quick and easy craft!

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