Puffs the Play

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“Puffs” the play is an off-Broadway play that follows the seven years that Harry Potter was at Hogwarts. As you may know, at Hogwarts there are four houses that are each known to embody a trait: the Gryffindor are known for their bravery, the Ravenclaw are known to be smart, the Slytherin are known to be cruel, and the Hufflepuff is known for taking the students that are none of those. “Puffs” the play is a comedy that follows seven years at Hogwarts through the eyes of the Hufflepuff house. Spoiler alert, please skip to the end of the article if you don’t want to hear this next part,  The Hufflepuffs are led by Cedric through the first four years of the play but at the end of the fourth year, Cedric is killed. The rest of the play follows the rest of the years through the eyes of the Hufflepuff. The Hufflepuffs struggle to find their place without their leader Cedric. The Hufflepuffs learn to acknowledge that they don’t need a leader to be whoever they want to be. “Puffs” the play is a great comedy play that follows the Hufflepuff house in their journey to fit in with the other Hogwarts houses.

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