3rd Grade


From left to right: Joseph Martin, Matthew Caceres-Schulman, and Sophia Cincis

For Falcon’s Flyer, we cover many different grades and what they do in class. Recently, third grade has been learning about multiplication and division in math. The third graders also learned about the First Thanksgiving. Soon, they will begin their Native American reports and will all begin to learn about different Native American tribes. Over the course of a few weeks, the third graders will all be assigned a different Native American tribe and will all research that specific tribe. In the end, the different projects will be set out, usually for Open House, so parents and other students can read about the different Native American tribes. In interviewed some third graders: Sophia Cincis, Joseph Martin, and Matthew Caceres-Schulman. All three of them liked the First Thanksgiving project. Matthew Caceres-Schulman said that the project was about the Native Americans. Joseph Martin enjoyed the project because he got to draw and color.