Christmas Decorations


Christmas Decorations


Today I’ll be showing you how to make some colorful Christmas decorations! These crafts you can make with your family and friends near Christmas time.


The first craft is a Christmas Scene Jar. This jar can not only have the scene we put into it here, but also a nativity scene, or maybe a little forest!


What you’ll need:

1 Jar (with a top)

1 small bag of cotton balls

(OPTIONAL) 1 small bag of toy stuffing

1 tube of white paint OR 1 spool of clear string

1 hot glue gun (if using clear string)

1 or more mini reindeer/deer

AND/OR 1 small fake tree (that fits inside the jar)



  1. Grab the jar and open it, stuffing some of the bottom with stuffing or cotton balls.
  2. Paint the inside of the jar with white paint to make snow, as if it was falling down
  3. OR get the hot glue gun (have somebody older do this) and glue small amounts of  clear string (vary the lengths!) onto the top. Grab some cotton balls, pull it apart and roll it into a tiny ball. Glue the smaller cotton balls onto the other end of the strings.
  4. Get the reindeer and tree and place it into the jar.
  5. You’re done!


The next craft is a Santa Candy Cane Holder! This can hold any candy canes you get, and can make a regular candy cane a small christmas gift for your friends!


What you’ll need:

1 pair of scissors

1 piece of red construction paper

1 piece of white construction paper

1 piece of apricot construction paper

1 pink marker

1 black marker

1 tape dispenser OR glue stick

1 candy cane



  1. With the red piece of paper, cut out a circle that fits the middle of your candy cane for Santa’s torso. Cut a tall trapezoid shape and flip it upside-down for Santa’s legs.  Cut out two rounded rectangles for the arms. Cut out 1 triangle (curved at the end) for his hat.
  2. With the apricot paper,
  3. With the white construction paper, cut out cloud shapes of different sizes to go at the end of santa’s arms, legs, torso, and hat.
  4. With the white construction paper, cut out boots and mittens, and color them with the black marker.
  5. Cut out a long, thin rectangle to hold the candy-cane with any colored paper.
  6. Glue all the pieces together, attaching the thin rectangle at the back.
  7. Put the candy cane in the holder and give it to your friends, family, or keep it!


The third and final craft is a fun paper wreath to hang anywhere in your house!


Materials needed:

1 pair of scissors

1 or more pieces of green construction paper

1 piece of red construction paper

1 hole puncher

1 red ribbon

1 glue stick



  1. Cut the construction paper into a circle, then fold the circle in half, cut another small circle inside of it, making a wreath shape.
  2. Make small point leaf shapes with the scraps, and  glue them around the wreath. Make some mistletoe leaves and put them aside.
  3. Grab the red construction paper and cut some small circles for the mistletoe berries as well as some ribbons or star shapes.
  4. Glue the bows/stars and mistletoe leaves and berries onto the wreath.
  5. Hole punch the top of the wreath and cut some ribbon to go through.
  6. Put the ribbon through the hole you made and you’re done.


I hope you enjoyed making these crafts just as much as I did!