How 6th Graders Feel After The First Trimester


By: Gracie Watroba

All aspects of Junior High are new to all the 6th graders. The first trimester finally ended and I asked two 6th graders (Patrick Maroun and Lulu Stolpe) how they feel after their first trimester ended…


The first question I asked was, “Have you guys adapted to all the work and grades of Junior High yet?” Patrick responded, “The workload is still overwhelming for me after the first trimester.”


The second question I asked was, “Were there any challenging goals you have met?” Lulu answered, “I completed the goal of getting at least 5 As.”


The last question I asked was, “What are your general thoughts about your current Junior High experience after the first trimester.” Lulu responded, “After the first trimester, I realized that Junior High was going to be much easier.” Patrick responded, “Junior High is a bit easier but I am still overwhelmed at times.”


Overall, I think that the 6th graders have adapted to all the challenges and work of Junior High. Good luck on the 2nd trimester Jr. High Falcons!