History Behind New Year’s Eve and Good Places To Go

Hey Falcons! Have you guys ever wondered what the history behind New Year’s Eve is? To be honest, even I do not know what the history behind it is. In this article, I will be discussing just that and even some good places to go for New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve celebrates the successes of the year and the new successes to come in the new year. In the United States, we use the Gregorian calendar. This calendar was introduced by Pope Gregory. The first day in the Gregorian calendar in January 1st! The first day of the year was celebrated by cultures and countries before it even became a national holiday. The celebrations of New Year begin the night before the event itself. You might know this day as New Year’s Eve. The night you can stay up until midnight!

There are many good places to go for New Year celebrations…

  1. The Rose Parade– This parade takes place in our own city of Pasadena. The parade starts at 8:00 am so make sure to get there early so you have good seats. The parade consists of many floats and amazing bands that come from all over the world. If you would like a preview of this year’s 2019 parade read Rose Parade Preview by Nicole Smith.
  1. New York City: Times Square- This one of the most popular places to go for New Year’s Eve. They have a broadcast live from New York that you might watch while you are waiting for midnight to come. When midnight does come they have a ball that drops in the middle of Times Square. Many fireworks are then set off and it is an amazing show!
  1. Sydney, Australia: Sydney Australia is one of the first places to reach the New Year. This happens because they are in a different time zone that reaches midnight before the U.S. Since they are one of the first people to reach the New Year, they put on a stunning firework show at the harbor!


These are just a few great places to spend the New Year! Have a great 2019 Falcons!