8th Grade Thoughts on How Writing For the Falcon’s Flyer Has Helped Their Writing Skills

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Over the past week, I decided to interview some of my fellow 8th graders on what their thoughts are about writing for the Falcon’s Flyer and how writing for the school newspaper has helped them become better overall writers. Falcon’s Flyer is the student’s newspaper at St. Philip and all the articles are written by 7th and 8th-grade students.  I interviewed current staff members Sophia Islas, Madison Chase, Madison Grube, Luke Mendez, and Cecilia Kvochak about how writing for the newspaper has helped them become better writers. The 8th graders said that being on the staff has helped them become better writers because of the experience the Falcon’s Flyer has provided them in writing. The 8th graders also agreed that when writing for the newspaper, they use the tips that Mrs. Bello, the Language Arts teacher, has taught them about writing. Lastly, all of the 8th graders agreed that they enjoy writing for the Falcon’s Flyer because they can write about topics they care about. Writing for the Falcon’s Flyer is a great way to have fun while gaining experience in writing.

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