Holiday Traditions


Holiday Traditions

During the holiday season, my family and I usually have many holiday traditions. Some traditions I love and some not so much. The holidays are so much fun and traditions make them even more exciting!


Christmas Tree: One of my favorite holiday traditions is putting up the Christmas tree. My family and I drive out to a farm. We then pick out the best tree. I personally love the really tall trees. Then, we bring the tree home. My dad gets the tree on a stand and we bring out the Christmas ornaments. I love putting up the Christmas ornaments so much! I love seeing the same ones every year when my dad takes out the Christmas stuff. The Christmas tree smells so good and makes my house smell like pine needles.


Presents: Everyone loves getting presents, whether it’s buying them for people or receiving them. I especially like giving presents because I like hiding them in secret places so my family can’t find them. I love getting them the right gift that suits them.


Santa Tracker: Every year my siblings play games on this website. This website is fun and interactive from Santa games to tracking Santa on Christmas Eve. The website is fun and interactive. My younger siblings enjoy this website very much.


Christmas music: One of my favorite things to do around Christmas is listening to Christmas music. Some of my favorite songs are “Baby It’s Cold Outside” (Idina Menzel and Michael Bublé), all of Michael Bublé’s Christmas songs, “White Christmas”, “Santa Baby”, “Run Run Rudolph”, and “Mele Kalikimaka”. I love listening to all my favorite Christmas music this time of year.


Christmas Movies: I love watching Christmas movies around Christmas time. Some of my favorites are Home Alone, White Christmas, Holiday Inn, Miracle on 34th Street, Elf, and a Christmas Carol. The movies are very enjoyable every year.


Those were some of my annual Christmas Traditions! Merry Christmas Falcons! Have a fun break!