Elfie on the Shelfie



Elfie of the Shelfie

On the last day of school before winter break, 14-year old Tommy came home excited and happy that school was over. His mom was out shopping for Christmas presents. His sister, Lucy was at a Girl Scout meeting. Suddenly, out of the corner of Tommy’s ey,e he saw a flash of red. It was a little elf sitting on the shelf over the fireplace. Tommy looked at it and found a note sticking to his arm. It said “To Tommy…..Merry Christmas! Be a good boy because the elf is watching you…..” There was no name on the tag. Tommy started to get a little bit creeped out but decided to set the elf down and go play some video games in his room. Tommy went up to his room and was about to start playing video games until he heard a whiny little voice. Tommy looked up. There was the elf on the shelf. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Tommy,” the elf said. “Video games turn your brain to mush Tommy my friend!” Tommy sat up and stared at the creepy little elf. “I know what you’re thinking Tommy. I wouldn’t dispose of me if I were you or else I will report to Santa.” The elf pulled out something out of his pocket. It was a voice recorder. “I recorded this entire conversation.” “I haven’t done anything wrong! Tommy said. I just wanted to play some video games.” “Oh yes, you did do something wrong Tommy. You and your tiny sister locked me in a little box when you were 4 years old and left me in there for 10 years Tommy my friend.”

“Come here, Tommy,” the elf said. “We’re gonna go on a little trip.” The elf grabbed his hand and by some magical force, Tommy was pushed towards the fireplace. The elf worked his magic and they were whisked off to the North Pole. Surprisingly, Tommy and the Elf landed right in front of Santa. “Uh Oh!,” the elf said. “You little guy are in big trouble!” Santa said. Santa whisked the elf away from Tommy. With a wave of Santa’s hand, the elf was gone in a million golden sparkles. “Sorry about that Tommy”, Santa said. That elf was very bad and we put him in a very secure little box which he won’t come out of for a very long time.” You see, elves hate being locked up and you may have accidentally locked Elfie up 10 years ago. This got him very mad.” “ I am very sorry and I will get you a better behaved one a soon as possible.”, Santa said. “Um…. I don’t think I need an elf,” Tommy said. “All right Tommy we won’t get you another elf. And don’t worry Tommy. You are definitely NOT on the naughty list. Send my good wishes to Lucy. Bye Bye and a Merry Christmas Tommy!” Santa said. “Bye and Merry Christmas!”,  Tommy shouted. And as Tommy dissolved into golden sparkles he saw a red list sticking out at the back of Santa’s pocket. On that list, at the very bottom, a new name suddenly appeared. It was Elfie’s. He was on the Naughty List. Tommy got home and went to sleep. On Christmas Day, Tommy got lots of presents. One of them was a girl elf on the shelf. There was a note attached to its hand. It said, “Merry Christmas, Tommy! I got you a much better behaved elf. Have fun! Love, Santa” And form that day on Tommy knew he would have no more problems with the elf on the shelf. Or would he?